The architect is responsible for creating projects for houses, buildings, establishments, schools, hospitals, among other spaces. Its main objective is to organize internal and external areas to provide comfort and functionality to users.

When we talk about what an architect does and commercial building restoration, this work goes far beyond drawing architectural plans. The professional thinks about several project details, such as the choice of materials, the thermal and acoustic comfort of the space, the hydraulic and electrical installations, and the best lighting.

What An Architect Does: Architectural Floor Plan

Among the activities of an architect who works in civil construction are:

  • Collecting data and creating architectural projects
  • Creation of 3D projects
  • Monitoring the purchase of materials
  • Visits to the works

Remember that the services offered may vary according to each professional. If you want to understand better everything that encompasses an architecture project, check out: The seven stages of an architecture project: from the first meeting to the end of the work.

What Is The Difference Between Architecture And Engineering?

When we talk about what makes an architect, it is common for some people to confuse it with the engineering profession. Architecture and engineering complement each other, but many differences start as early as college.

The engineering course has more disciplines in the hard sciences. The idea is to teach the student to deal with projects and calculations of structures and complementary systems, not only for buildings but also for bridges and highways. In addition, the engineer is more involved in managing the work than in designing the project.

What Does An Architect Do? 

The area of ​​architecture is not restricted to civil construction. Architects can work with urban planning, landscaping, and even technology. To better clarify what an architect does, check out the most common areas of architecture:

1- Urban Planning

Urban planning is part of urbanism, an area of ​​study also included in the architecture course. The architect who works in this area, called an urban planner, is responsible for planning regions, neighborhoods, or entire cities. Its objective is to organize the spaces and propose the best solutions for the population’s well-being and quality of life.

2- Landscaping

Anyone who thinks that landscaping is all about placing plants in the environment is very wrong. This area is focused on creating projects and the revitalization and management of open spaces, public or private, urban or non-urban. And what does a landscape architect do? He can work both in public and private bodies, in addition to working autonomously.

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