The year is 2021 and the world is still recovering from a pandemic. People are still careful about their safety outside especially in a restaurant where people typically spend a lot of time dining unless you order take out.

Besides, restaurant owners do not want to offend government laid down rules and regulations because of the pandemic concerning operations.

It is now even more important to create a unique space to draw in customers and keep them coming for more. To do this, planning, design, and placement are everything.

This is because it is no longer just enough to have a beautiful space, you must also have a functional space that appeals to your clients and what is now obtainable in 2021.

We are here to help with five unique seating ideas that would help enhance your restaurant look and set it apart wonderfully in 2021.

  1. Materials

An important thing to consider in 2021 is the material used for products in your restaurant design plan. This will greatly affect not only the functionality of the space but the general appeal.

People may find it more difficult to comfortably dine in very cold or moist retaining surfaces. It is important to go for furniture that repels such problems, for example, wood furniture.

Also, cleaning is a big deal in 2021. Materials that can be easily cleaned and sanitized are choices that are more desirable now. Restaurant Furniture Suppliers may want to take a cue and produce surfaces and general designs that are easy to clean.

It is also important to consider the effect frequent cleaning and sanitizing may have on the material used for the furniture. You may want to opt for furniture manufacturers who include protective treatments on the materials to guard against damages that may occur.

  1. Spacing

This is the first consideration. Typically, placing your dining furniture at a space of 24 inches or two feet apart is ideal to create room for easy movement around and between tables. However, in light of the current situation, you might want to introduce new spacing arrangements that would further enhance the look of openness in the restaurant.

Depending on the general space available in the dining area of the restaurant, an ideal way of creating this unique look of extra room, especially for smaller spaces is to place the sitting area near natural light.

Also, bringing the dining furniture closer to an edge would create more than enough room through to the center and other areas of the restaurant. This will enable patrons and servers to move around with ease.

For center place designs, leaving at least 30 to 36 inches between tables and aisles respectively would be ideal.

  1. Warm Colours

People naturally gravitate towards a welcoming atmosphere. Warm colors add to the serenity and appeal of the restaurant thereby attracting people to the place.

Also, colors do a great deal in creating an open appearance for any space. People do not only feel welcomed and comfortable, but they also get an airy feeling, which is great at dispelling a feeling of clustering.

  1. Catchy Designs

The prospect of going out and experiencing a wonderful ambiance is what people need now more than ever. A normal simple styled restaurant will do if you want people who just run in for a quick fix and zoom off.

Getting more business means attracting more people both new and old patrons and keeping them. Using eye-catchy designs would create a unique atmosphere in your restaurant, prompting the adventurous spirit of your clients.

  1. Great Contrasting Designs

Using a design plan that creates an easily blended atmosphere may do wonders for your restaurant.

It is 2021 and many people want to be out at the same time. Creating designs that easily flow into each other while meeting the needs of everyone may be just what you need.


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