Basic Definition of Short-Term Leases

This is defined as a rental contract typically lasting less than six months, as opposed to a traditional apartment lease that requires a one-year commitment.  In a short-term lease, it is plausible to arrange a specific time period according to your needs.  With some of the accommodating locations, week-to-week leases are possible.  It all depends on the individual complex.  If you are interested in one and it does not talk about specific time parameters, it is best to ask.

Are Washington DC Short-Term Lease Apartment Rentals More Expensive?

Again, it depends upon the specific apartment complex you have an interest in.  Each location may have different rates and security deposit fee amounts.  If you want one that is already furnished, that will definitely cost more.  Another aspect that might factor into the price is the exact neighborhood of that complex.  The supply and demand ratio is also a consideration when a complex establishes its rates.

What Is Some Good Advice?

The most critical piece of advice you can take away from this is to book your Washington DC short-term lease apartment rentals WAY IN ADVANCE.  If you fail to do so, you likely will not get one.  Due to the increasing demand for this type of lease, accommodating complexes get booked solid a long time before they are actually needed.  If someone is a procrastinator, they will find slim pickings by the time they get around to making arrangements.  

A Brief Description of What Is Available

What is meant by this?  Anyone looking for an apartment, no matter what the length of the lease, will have particular needs.  They could want a certain number of bedrooms and/or bathrooms.  They might request a balcony or a patio, a specific floor it should be on, etc.  A prospective apartment rental customer may want a pool, an exercise room, or other amenities.  Whatever a person wants needs to be expressed to the company they decide to rent from.  More than likely any need desired can be accommodated.  Do not forget to ask the representative.

How to Proceed

A person could try searching on their own, however, they are not likely to succeed.  It is strongly advisable to have a company to work with.  This company can also guide a prospective renter who is not familiar with Washington DC Short-Term rental lease regulations.  It is crucial to do this properly, you may want to rent from them again in the future.  Along those lines, you must become aware of the Fair Housing Act (FHA) rules that cover transient use and how that is NOT acceptable at all.  For more information on DC short-term rentals, a source such as the one this article is in is perfect.  See if it comes up in an Internet search.  

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