Everybody wonders if smart curtains are worth the investment. Yes, these systems can be used to automatically open and close curtains in the morning and at night, permitting you to wake up to natural light rather than the harsh tone of your alarm. They are also ideal for children’s rooms. Moreover, some other strategies can be used in conjunction with your smart home.

One of the advantages is increased home security. People may operate the blinds even while they are not at home or establish a random time range for moving the blinds. This makes it seem like your home, preventing burglaries.

These can also contribute to a more pleasant living atmosphere. When the weather is too hot or too cold, the ability to remotely manage your curtains can assist change the temperature of your house by blocking sunlight or guarding against winds.

In this article, we will discuss a few other things you need to know before you commit to automated window treatments.

When you can’t find the remote control, there is a workaround:

The concept of controlling your curtains seems great until you misplace your remote control or the batteries in your phone die. Fortunately, many modern systems at both ends of the market have included the touch-and-go concept, giving you the best of both worlds. “ Touch and Go was developed to address the issue of an ‘uninformed user’ accidentally turning on the blind without realizing it was motorized and believing the blinds did not function. However, it has been demonstrated to be most handy when you don’t want to bother looking for remote control. When using these techniques to manually draw the curtains the robotic element will activate, which means you can just draw them open or closed with a gentle pull.

Voice instructions may be used to operate the curtains.

When an automated system has the capabilities of an app, likely, it is also compatible with the smart assistant. By connecting it to your Google Home or Alexa skills, you can draw the curtains in the morning from the comfort of your bed without having to open your eyes or reach for your phone. Once you’ve linked your curtain system to your smart assistant, all you have to do is say “Alexa, raise the curtains” or anything similar. The pole and track alternatives for smart curtains are as follows:

Typically, automated systems are built using a track system, however, this does not rule out the use of curtain rods.

It also aids in the containment of electronic elements, keeping them concealed from view.

You can adapt to everyday routines.

In addition to “manual” control of the blinds through voice or application, routines may be set up. These things might be as basic as opening the curtains at 7 a.m. and shutting them at 9 p.m., to establishing a “movie time” schedule that closes the blinds and dims the smart lights.

It’s also handy as a security measure when you’re on vacation but don’t want prospective hackers to know. If you choose an automated system, you may be able to go a step further by programming the blinds to close at a certain trigger, such as a high or low temperature, to assist maintain your room cool or warmer.

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