If you’re like most property owners, you probably don’t have the budget to hire a professional every time your asphalt driveway or parking lot develops a crack. That’s why learning how to do do-it-yourself (DIY) asphalt crack repair is such a valuable skill. With just a few simple tools and supplies, you can fix those pesky cracks in no time. Plus, doing the asphalt crack repair yourself can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. So, if you’re looking for a way to keep your property looking its best, learning how to do DIY asphalt crack repair is definitely worth considering.

Asphalt pavement is susceptible to cracking due to a variety of factors, including temperature fluctuations, excess weight or load, and freeze-thaw cycles. When the ground below the asphalt freezes and expands, it pushes the hot surface up and creates a crack. When the ice melts, the ground contracts and pulls the asphalt back down, which widens the crack. Repeated freezing and thawing can damage the asphalt and cause extensive cracks. Vehicles, snowplows, and other traffic also contribute to driveway cracking. As cars drive over the asphalt, they apply weight and create tension that can cause small cracks to develop into large ones. Snowplows can scrape away the top layer of asphalt, leaving the underlying concrete exposed to weathering and freezing temperatures. Asphalt is durable and strong, but it may not withstand constant wear from traffic or weather conditions if you neglect maintenance for too long without moisture protection treatments like sealant usage on winters when temperatures dip below freezing point. (Imagine how much snow there is in Salt Lake City, Utah!)

You can repair cracks in your driveway with a few easy steps!

Crack widths should not be >1 inch, and both ends must meet at least 1 foot off of the ground for this method to work best, so consult an experienced professional if you’re not sure what will happen or how much space there really is around each side. Once they’re determined, pick out some affordable fix-its from home improvement stores, then follow these easy steps from Family Handyman:

Step 1: Add the driveway crack filler and melt it

Step 2: Stuff the crack with driveway crack filler

Step 3: Compress the filler

Step 4: Melt the filler

Step 5: Add trowel mix and then smooth it

Step 6: Fil the pits

Step 7: Enlarge the area and smooth

Leave your DIY asphalt crack repair project overnight…then it’s done! And don’t forget to keep up on maintenance throughout the year.

Prevention is still better than repair! So, make sure that you get a trusted expert in asphalt paving in Utah at the start of your projects—from potholes and parking lots to driveways and highways. Miller Paving is Utah’s premier asphalt paving, asphalt crack repair, and excavation contractor. 

Small cracks in your driveway can be a DIY project. If you’re up for the challenge and have a little bit of time, go ahead, and try repairing your driveway. But if the crack is too large and you don’t feel comfortable repairing it on your own, we’d be happy to take a look at the damage and give you an estimate for repair. Check out our services and send us a message/give us call at (801)262-5922.

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