If your bathroom is leaking, it is important to immediately contact a waterproofing contractor in Singapore to conduct emergency repairs. In particular, you should be cautious of the following areas leaking.


Start by assessing all taps in your house’s bathroom, kitchen, laundry and anywhere else. To check, you should first switch the tap off while noting if excessive force is needed to halt the water or to stop any leaks. If you do encounter such a secnario, it is a sign that the tap may need to be replaced. Mixer faucets might drip from the center or drip through the spout. The cartridge can be replaced or an entire brand-new mixer depending upon exactly how aged the tap is.

Shower Leaks

Examining the seals near your shower every now and then is a good tip as this is an usual area for an unnoticed leakage to create a more serious trouble. Serious damage can occur if water is leaking and entering into continuous contact with the floor and surrounding wall surfaces. If this plumbing problem is left then it can promptly become expensive to repair as there might be a great deal of remodelling job involved in fixing the damage caused. Floorboards and joists tend to swell over time and at some point start to corrode when they keep getting wet, this can cause a costly project to replace them where you might have to eliminate your shower tray or enclosure to deal with the damages below.

Around your toilet

While maybe not the most common area where leaks happen, a dripping toilet is practically much an assured indicator you will need to give us a call at a plumbing technician. This is why you should inspect at the back and across your toilet on a regular basis for wetness. If you discover condensation or pools at the baseboard, or even worse, mold or mold expanding around the home appliance, employ a certified plumber right away. Also you do not need to have your toilet entirely replaced, this is a time-sensitive issue, and the lengthier you wait to take care of it the more significant risk you pose of letting unpleasant water waste seep into your washroom. Keep in mind, you use your bathroom each day; it’s basically inconceivable for it not to experience wear and tear. See to it you are prepared for when this occurs.

Drain pipes Obstructions

A clogged up drainpipe takes a toll on every day life. Individuals depend on the sinks and drains pipes in their bathroom and kitchen to effectively perform to ensure that we can clean our hands, face and teeth, or wash plates and clear food leftovers. You never seem to realize just how much you rely on drains till they are out of order. If your water will not drain, or is draining pipes slowly, there is a blockage in need of simple pipes repair work.


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