Although compact rooms can be confining and uncomfortable – they are still popularly getting purchased by more and more buyers. People use creative interior designs to make a small space look bigger.

Highlighting features, such as paint choice, furniture, mirror, lamps, curtains, etc., can fool any eye if placed cleverly in the room. Just with a few right placement tricks, your room will look much more spacious than it actually is.

 Let us help you with some eye tricking ideas and add pizzazz to your small room.

Choose the Color Wisely

Always use intense light shades. Avoid going for medium shades, as they will just make your room look smaller. Using contrasts and lighter colour make your walls and furniture more reflective. Although it is an optical illusion, brighter colours make your space open and airy. Try soft tones like off-white, light blue, or light green. Their optimum effect makes walls look farther back and the room spacious.

Creative Lighting Design Can Make Your Room Bigger

When your room is exposed to natural light, it automatically appears bigger. But if your room doesn’t get natural light, don’t be discouraged. You can easily bring the same effects with the right lighting fixtures. You will be thrilled how this small trick can make a massive difference.

If your room has access to natural light, bringing it inside through a large window can make your room look bigger. Use window coverings to let more light in. You can also use flowers and plants to enhance the outside view a little. 

Get Innovative with the Furniture

Choosing and installing the right bedroom furniture is the most critical task, and it strongly affects the look of your room. Where the right furnishing can make your room look bigger, at the same time, the wrong one will make it appear compact. Opt for multi-functional furniture, such as a sofa bed, a bed with drawers, or a chest table where you can place your stuff.

Moreover, expandable dining tables, folding tables, etc., are also gaining attention among condo-owners. Bear in mind that bulky and spacious furnishings will only take up space, while the examples mentioned above will take less space and serve the purpose equally.

Install Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Hanging long curtains in a small room is similar to putting on a stiletto. Installed just below the ceiling and swept all the way down to the floor will make your roof look higher.

Hang Mirrors

If you are wondering now how a mirror can make a room look bigger, the answer is they can reflect the natural and artificial light, making your room look brighter and more significant. Using a focal point and place your mirrors towards it to experience the illusion of depth.

Besides mirrors, the glass tabletop and mirrored cabinets also offer a more open feel to your room. Go south and think about having a mirrored floor. That’s a smart way to make your small room larger.

Hang Large Artworks

Do not leave your walls empty and fill them with two large artworks instead of using several picture frames and sculptures. Always remember, one oversized print has an immense impact than numerous smaller canvases that can make a room overstuffed.

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