One cannot deny how impressive professionals are in cleaning exterior windows of buildings. The challenge itself of being dangled at such a height is a task not many would be willing to do. And staying in this precarious position for hours cleaning over a hundred windows will indeed make you applaud them for such a feat. And other than the impressive courage of the service providers, the benefits of having stain and smudge-free windows are also advantageous. 

Here, we reveal how professional cleaners achieve sparkling, spot-free windows every time. Let’s get a glimpse into the tools, equipment, and methods they use in completing a pro window cleaning service.

Safety Harness Equipment

The safety equipment of the window cleaners is one of the most crucial instruments in this type of job. A full set of safety equipment for rope access jobs includes a full-body harness, belts, fall protection, lanyards, carabiners, ascenders, and roof rigs. Basically, what happens is that the workers, with their harness on, attach themselves to a cable anchored to the roof. Descent mechanisms then allow them to work from top to bottom without much problem. 

Further, although risks of falling from access jobs are minimal, workers still wear fall arrestors. So in case of accidents, the equipment attached to their backs absorbs the shock of the fall instead of the person.

Cleaning Equipment and Methods

The technology for professional window cleaning has also improved through the years. Of course, the proven-effective traditional cleaning is still in use for areas that require close-up attention. Today, this method uses ergonomic scrapers, squeegees, and microfiber pads, which makes traditional cleaning practice more thorough and efficient.  

What makes traditional cleaning the best method up to this date is that it clears window surfaces, rinses dirt residues, and dries the area afterward. The method is thorough, organized, and leaves the windows spot-free every time. It is also best for commercial establishments in the metropolitan area, as it is a very flexible method even for busy settings and high-rise locations. 

Moreover, some cleaning companies now employ the water-fed and pure water cleaning method that reduces cleaning time by half. By its name, it does not use chemicals to clean windows. Instead, the worker scrubs the window using a water-fed pole and brush to loosen dirt build-ups on the glass, frame, and surrounding plastic. Afterward, they rinse the window using pure or deionized water, from the top to bottom. 

The deionized water is effective in attracting the dirt and minerals stuck on the surface. Sans the chemicals or soap, this method is more environmentally friendly. This method also allows the person to work safely from the ground. However, this feature also gives it limited capacity in cleaning high-rise window cleaning.

Window Cleaning Services in Singapore

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