One of the things people love about living in Arizona the best is the beautiful and unique local wildlife. It is fascinating to imagine that you will live next door to lots of unique and beautiful fauna. The desert environment of Arizona is the home to a variety of biodiversity among arthropods, mammals, birds, reptiles, and many more. However, soon some less friendly four-legged turn into a headache and annoyance for homeowners in Arizona.

These neighbors turn into pest problems and force you to take the help of Scottsdale pest control. The Scottsdale Pest Solution offers affordable prices with year-round hassle-free pest control. You can count on Scottsdale Pest Solution for your pest problem as all their technicians have certificates to exterminate your pest problem. Animals turn into pests when they compete with their human host and pose a danger to humans.

Mostly, animals like to stay as far away as possible from human interaction. They can also thrive without them. But some pests become habitual to humans and even become dependent on them. It is when the problem begins. In this article, you will learn how to identify the most common rat and mince and damage they do to your house.

Identifying the common rodents

The most common rodents you see in and around your homes are pack rats, house mice, deer rats, and roof rats. These rodents have different nesting habits and sizes. The only common thing among them is their ability to cause damage and spread diseases. These pests will often chew on essential elements like pipes and electric wiring at your home. Most of these rodents are nocturnal.

In simple terms, they are active at night and sleep during the day in their nests. It makes it difficult for homeowners to identify the infestation in their house.

Pack or wood rats

Packrats or wood rats are the most common intruders in the properties in and around Arizona. The pack rats have three categories.

  • Mexican pack rats
  • Whitethroat pack rats
  • Stephen’s pack rats

Packrats have a furry tail with white feet, and a white underbelly is the identification of these rats. Packrats are around six to eight inches long.

House mice

Another common rodent is the house mouse. These rodents depend on humans for shelter and food. These rodents are smaller in size makes it easy to identify them. These have a white underbelly and musty gray coats.

Deer rats

Other common species are deer mice. These mice carry Hantavirus. The virus spread by inhaling dust particles tinted by urine, feces, or saliva of these mice. These rodents nest in the cavities of the trees and burrow outside. They live in cabinet drawers and storage boxes.

Roof rats

Roof rats have got their name black rat because of their black and dark brown color. These rodents have long tails. The hairless tail measures 18inches longer than its entire body. They have their name roof rats because they tend to live in the upper levels like ceilings and attic of the house.

Do not let these rodents get comfortable in and around your property. If you find any sign of infestation, contact your local pest control service provider as soon as possible.

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