We’re more than halfway to 2022. Have you kept up with at least one of the home design trends yet? If you haven’t and you think that your home’s interior is getting lackluster and uninviting, you might want to try the trend that started or came back since everyone got stuck in their homes due to the pandemic.

Everyone in the heat of the COVID-19 outbreak stayed at home and felt it was the safest place from the deadly virus. It’s no wonder that people maximized whatever they found at home—beautifying their garden, curb, landscape, lawn, and interiors—and kept their precious peace of mind intact.

You might have had your mortgage funded by a reliable company this year or the last, and you’re more than willing to make an all-out effort to customize your house. Everything should fit your preferences. After all, it’s your home; you have all the freedom to choose what character and atmosphere you’d like it to give off.

Here are some latest design trends for you to freshen up the look of your home’s interior:


The Ultimate Gray

Last year, Pantone announced the colors of the year for 2021—ultimate gray and yellow, which represent dependability and warmth. These are two unusual colors to go together, but you can reasonably trust the organization’s decisions, being the expert on everything about matching colors.

Pantone is the giant color trend-setting organization that the textile, accessory, furniture, technology, and fashion designers base from one season to another. It’s because it takes into account all aspects of society, including marketing, fashion, social media, and the least you expect, politics, before announcing any color of the year.

This explains why you see floods of yellow and gray products from swimsuits to paints this year. Perhaps, you’d like to see how it would work in your home as well. 

Vintage Touch

While we keep moving forward, we can’t deny how much we still take a step back to the vintage. This means the combination of retro, repurposed, antique, and salvaged elements combined, all of which take their unique places in the realm of vintage, but with myriads of contrast in mind.

The key is to put in fewer pieces but with lots of contrast. This will work best when you put in the elements gradually, as every part needs to be well-thought of first. You can’t afford sharp contrasts that look ugly with the whole thing.

Take the additions slowly. You might also want to add pieces that can add a luxurious effect on your interior such as modern lighting and rich fabrics.


This is a twist from the last year’s famous “granny chic” style. In 2020, people started craving peace of mind, a sense of comfort, and a grasp of their nostalgia. With this trend still growing, the grandmillenial idea sprang forth. 

The highlight of this trend is to establish an atmosphere that invites relaxation and relieves anxiety. If you prefer simple, honest, not too much of a minimalist, and low-maintenance elements at home but crave comfort and peace, this is the best choice for you. 

The key to bringing grandmillennial to life as your home interior is to imagine what your grandparents’ home looked like. Think of the patterns, accessories, furniture, and cushions they used. Get some of those and, as always, combine them with modern elements. 

Dried Flower Display

In the name of a low-maintenance aesthetic, you have dried flowers as home decoration. Those green houseplants are still the choice for some, but if you like non-demanding elements at home, you can always choose dried flowers as a go-to decor. 

They last longer and require no maintenance at all. While you can always make your own, you can also order prearranged bouquets for a quick fix.

Skylights and Roof Windows

Skylights and roof windows have always been there, but with the pandemic forcing people to choose to stay at home than to go out, many homeowners invite more natural light to improve the mood.

The gloomiest parts of your home need more lighting. Natural lights are always better. Whether in the kitchen, living space, or home office, opportunities for sunrays to seep in make that part look happier

If you’re working from home, it’s an investment worth your money since natural lighting proves to be very effective at increasing productivity and well-being.


Get Into the Bandwagon, but Choose What Resonates With You the Most

There are many other trends out there aside from these. If you’re more daring with paints, Pantone gives you the idea that gray and yellow can actually come together. Vintage works if you feel that old-time nostalgia. The rest, you decide what’s best for you.




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