If you have spotted pest droppings or markings at your home in Austin, calling a professional pest control service is the right thing to do. The weather in Texas, especially in and around Austin, is such that rodents and pests thrive easily. There are some amazing services here, but before you select an Austin pest exterminator¸ here are some pointers to check. 

  1. Experience. How long have you been in business? – This should be the first question for a pest control service, especially if you want to gauge their experience. Ask for references, if needed, and do check for independent reviews and feedback on Google and Facebook. 
  2. License & insurance. Many homeowners end up ignoring these basic aspects. A pest control company must have its license and permissions to work for commercial and residential clients, and they need to have liability insurance. 
  3. Team of exterminators. Don’t be shocked to know many companies only hire exterminators when they have a contract, and you can only expect shoddy work from them. Find a company that owns a team, and their exterminators must be trained, bonded, and should have workers’ compensation coverage. 
  4. Warranty. For selected pest control tasks, you can expect a warranty, while in other cases, periodic inspections and checks are required. You may want to consider asking the exterminator if they offer any sort of assurance on the job. 
  5. Expertise. What kind of pests do they deal with? What kind of methods, techniques, and products do they use for pest control? Are they doing their best to reduce the impact of their work on the planet? These are some basic questions worth asking. 
  6. Estimate. A reliable pest control company will send in their experts to check the actual ground problem, and the estimate is usually offered after that. Nevertheless, ask the service to give an estimate in advance, so that you are assured of not finding unwanted add-ons. 
  7. Safety. If you have dogs, other pets, and animals at home, you may want to know if the cleaning products and pesticides used by the company are safe. This is important even for homes with kids and senior people. 

Before you select a pest exterminator for any job in Austin, make sure that they are reliable and responsive. They need to take your call on priority, even when the job is not an extensive one. Do call the shared references to know the experience of other customers. 

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