Most of the time, we start getting the smell inside the bathroom coming from the shower drains. It might be possible that mildew or mold must be growing underneath the drain cover. Apart from this, many other reasons contribute to the occurrence of this smell. Luckily, this smell can easily be fixed. Let’s start discussing them one-by-one.

  • Blocked stopper or strainer

The showers come with a strainer to cover up the drains. It is used to stop hairs and other kinds of debris flow inside the drain. Mostly, the smell coming out is the result of old accumulated debris. To avoid this, you should frequently check your pipes and drains to check left scum.

  • Mold growth

Both mildew and mold like to grow in wet places, which are usually dark, and the shower is one of the best places. Hence, whenever you take out the strainer, make sure you sealed it properly. Any kind of space left behind becomes the home of mold or mildew.

  • P-trap

If you don’t know, a p-trap is defined as a curving portion of the drain pipe used for connecting fixture drain and drain system. It is named as it is present in ‘p’ or ‘u’ shape. P-trap is installed for catching the things that usually pass through the drain.

  • Clogged vents

Sometimes it happens that the water flows back through the p-trap because it might be possible that the vents are closed. Every pipe comprises of a vent, which is connected with the vent stack. The blocked vents are a clear indication that it is time to call Equal Rooter Plumbing services. Even you can clear it by using a hose that creates water pressure for clearing the vent system.

On finding any of the above issues, don’t panic at all. Equal Rooter Plumbing service works towards offering an uncomplicated solution. Whether you have a sewage problem or vents are blocked, the professionals will come and work on solving the issues. Just give a call to find the smell coming out of your bathroom.


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