Maintaining a sound drainage system is necessary to avoid facing problems. Some problems that one might be facing due to it can be undetectable. This required an in-depth survey. This is where a drain survey comes in. We have mentioned down below everything that is included in it. This will help you make better and informed decisions if you are facing any problems or are looking for a survey to be conducted for your system. 


It is an in-depth survey of a drainage system using CCTV cameras that come with high technologies. These devices are inserted into the drains and provide the technician with a live feed. This ensures the detection of any problems or glitches in the drainage system. 

Why Is It Necessary? 

There are various reasons for which one can need a survey of their drainage system. In the case of drainage issues, this survey is of help. This survey can even inform you about any additional charges you might have to bring to your system in the future. These surveys are conducted in detail so it helps to detect problems that are not clear in the first place. One can also go for a CCTV drain survey before they buy a property. This ensures that the drainage system is up to date and if it requires any repairs. 

What Equipment Is Used? 

  1. Access Rods: Such rods are flexible and are used to insert the cameras into the system. Its flexibility allows it to navigate through turns and corners.
  2. Waterproof Cameras: These cameras provide the technicians with a clear view of the system. It is inserted deep inside the system to ensure that no place is left unseen.
  3. Crawlers: These are remote-controlled and are used for visual access to the system. It is a quicker way. It can be easily used in obstructed pipes. 

What Will The Survey Result In? 

The obvious answer is any issue that your system could have. These surveys are designed to conduct a study that is detailed and find out problems that can go unnoticed. There are various problems a drain survey can help to find. Some of these problems include blockages, displacement or state of installation, leaks or bursts, collapsed drains, corrosion, etc. 

Conducting regular surveys is advantageous. They are necessary to not only repair the currently existing problems but also to avoid future problems. Conducting a survey once is enough for a system to last many years without any problems.

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