The first thing to understand when it comes to roofs and their lifespan is that the time window given to you by the manufacturer of the roof is invalid. It is not incorrect per se, but it does not apply to your situation. The time window given by the manufacturer is determined by tests that are done for some time. The results are plotted on a graph which is then extended to find the point at which the roof will fail. The problem here is that most tests are run for a period that cannot be compared to the time frame given as the expected life of a roof. This does not count as a false advertisement since it is impractical to measure the lifespan of a roof in real-time. 

So, we can conclude that the lifespan of a roof depends on external factors and that it can vary from house to house and state to state in the country. There are several ways roofs are damaged and there are several ways which can prevent your roof from getting damaged. 

Water is the biggest source of damage to a roof. Whether it be snow, ice, or hail in any form, water is extremely dangerous.

Water can get into small cracks in your roof and start to pool there. As the water starts to pool it starts to exert pressure on the surrounding walls. This pressure eventually forces that part of the roof to crack allowing more water in. As more water gets in the whole process repeats itself quicker than the last time. This type of water damage is much more serious in old roofs since it takes a lot of time for the water to break down the surrounding roof. It is very hard to stop this process but still, there are some ways we can prevent this process from speeding up. Making sure that the roof is at an angle to force the water off during construction is very important. Another method that can prevent this problem from affecting the rest of your home is to keep an eye out for leaks that spring from the roof. These leaks, if found quickly, can be easily fixed. The task is quite simple and can be done by yourself at home. The Internet can guide you but if you think that you might mess up the job you can contact professionals from construction companies to provide you with the help that can get the problem fixed on the same day. If you want to learn more about roof damages and other construction issues Click here. 

In some places where the temperatures permit and both ice and water can exist on the same day. The aforementioned problem can get a lot worse. The water can get into these cracks and pools. As the temperature drops, this water can freeze. As water freezes, it expands and as it expands it puts pressure on the walls around in the crack. The crack gets bigger. As the morning comes the ice melts and more water rushes in. Come night the crack full of water freezes and the crack is increased in size once again. The best way to counter this is to de-ice the roof yourself or hire professionals to do so. This prevents ice and water from mixing.

If your house is in an area that experiences very strong winds. You must prepare for the time when the winds pick up speed. Strong winds can use the low-hanging branches of trees to damage the roof. The best way to prevent this is to cut the branches of these trees so that they can not damage the roof. Using a stronger material for the roof is also a viable option.

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