Today’s customers know professionalism and hygiene well, so they expect it from every kind of business. Businesses have to strive to keep up with this image. A single fly or insect can leave a wrong impression on the customer’s mind. Fly and insect screens are designed to keep pesky flies, bees, mosquitoes, etc. but it allows the natural light and fresh air to circulate within the facility. 

Premiere Screen Ltd is a UK-based company that supplies custom-built, premium DIY insect and fly screens for homes and businesses. It is a simple barrier, but here are some compelling reasons why it is essential for your business.

Maintain brand reputation & customer satisfaction.

In the age of social media and online reviews, a bad experience can dent your business. Mosquitoes and flies buzzing around and especially landing on food sitting can open doors for scornful online customer reviews. Insect screens play the role of public relations protector, preventing such scenarios and ensuring a positive customer experience. A clean, pest-free environment enhances customer satisfaction and strengthens your brand’s image of professionalism and hygiene.

Protects products & inventory

Insects carry harmful pathogens and contaminants. It can lead to product recall if they damage products or contaminate inventory. You can experience not just significant financial loss but even suffer reputation damage.  The screens are a physical barrier or a security guard that prevent pests from entering the facility, reaching and contaminating products. In this way, it safeguards your inventory and reduces the risk of product recalls.

Ensure food safety & hygiene.

In the food industry, fly screens are a necessity. A single fly landing on food can spread diseases and cause foodborne illness. It increases the risk of your customers getting sick and legal repercussions. A simple barrier between food preparation zones and potential contaminants ensures food safety and hygiene compliance.

Promotes employee health & well-being

Buzzing flies and insects buzzing around can distract your employees, leading to decreased productivity and even allergic reactions. Employee well-being is a top priority today, so creating a pest-free, comfortable environment is essential. Screens enhance work conditions and contribute to a healthier and happier workforce.

Cost-effective solution

Fly and insect screens are inexpensive compared to the potential financial losses pest infestations cause. They need minimal maintenance and are a long-lasting solution to deter pests. 

Modern advancements

In the past, insect screens were bulky and unsightly but modern fly screens are designed to be discreet and visually appealing. You can get several material option to choose from, including mesh, stainless steel and fibreglass. You will find ones that suit your preferences and functional needs. Screen technology advancements have launched self-cleaning screens and screens with enhanced airflow, ensuring optimal pest control without compromising ventilation. 


Installing fly and insect screens into your business is not just about keeping pests out. Still, it is also about protecting brand reputation, ensuring customer satisfaction, protecting inventory, promoting employee well-being and saving dollars in the long run. Don’t let a tiny pest dent your business – invest in fly screens today and keep your business buzzing with success!


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