Your Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist Based on Where You Live: Get the House Ready to Sell in Any Climate

Home Maintenance checklist

After a long day (or a trip away from home), there’s nothing quite like coming home to a house that is all yours. With homeownership comes not only the freedom of having a house just how you like it but the responsibility of keeping your home’s maintenance in check. It can be overwhelming to get a handle on what needs to be done, other than simply fixing issues as they come up. By staying on top of home maintenance you can get ahead and even prevent some bigger problems from happening in your home — and this is even more important if you are planning to sell your home soon. On the South Shore, Cape, and Islands there are some specific home maintenance tips to follow according to the seasons.


Winter is about hibernation for you and your home. Checking your HVAC system and replacing filters can ensure your heater can keep you warm all season long. Outdoor water sources like drains and faucets should be drained to keep them from freezing. Having supplies ready to combat snow — like a shovel, snowblower, and a roof rake to keep ice off your roof are all musts.


Your home just withstood a long winter of snow, rain, and other moisture — especially if you are directly on the coast. It’s time to help your home get out of its hibernation and get ready for warm days and nights. In the yard, that means raking up any leaves, weeding, and adding fresh mulch as needed to keep plants hydrated. If you have any big trees, you’ll want to have them inspected for damage that might have happened during blustery storms. Cleaning your gutters, and checking shingles and paint for wear and tear can help you identify repairs that need to be made.


Beach weather has finally arrived and your house is likely to be the focal point of barbecues and other gatherings. To keep your yard looking its best, you’ll want to stay on top of watering or make sure your irrigation and sprinkler system is in top shape. If the outside of your home or your porch is in need of a facelift, summer is the ideal season to get painting. It’s also time to check your HVAC filters as they might be in overdrive keeping your home cool.


Leaves are getting ready to change in full force, and that means getting ready to clean your gutters and rake leaves. You can also get your garden ready for spring by planting in the fall. It’s a great time for planting bulbs and perennials. You’ll want to make sure your home is ready to brave winter storms by checking on your roof to see if any repairs are needed to avoid leaks that might come up.

Keeping your home comfortable and well-maintained all year long does require some planning, but by making a checklist that you follow throughout the seasons, you’ll be on track to enjoying your home through any type of weather.

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