There are times when you need to sell things for better options, such as your car, old guitar, any antique that you own, or maybe the property that you own. Getting a good resale value for your property can be a tricky thing. So what makes the price of a good house? Is it the look? Or the functionality of the house? Well, the simple answer is, both. You need both look and functionality for a good resale price. 

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your house, and a quick renovation can easily increase the resale value of your house.  Kitchen upgrade generally gives you a high return on investment if done correctly.

Does it cost a lot?

Frankly, the budget of your renovation fully depends on the condition of your kitchen that you want to renovate. But as the kitchen is considered to be the heart of any home, renovating the kitchen before giving it up on sale is a very good investment with high returns guaranteed.

How to set up the budget?

  • The budget depends on the things that you need to either replace or get fixed. It is better to not invest a huge amount of money on things that you don’t require often such as appliances. 
  • Keep in mind that over-improving your house can lead to wastage of money, time, and effort and it may not attract the desired value. 
  • Make sure to have a good plan before you start working on the renovation. Sudden things can lead to unnecessary wastage of money and can turn into a hassle. 
  • Lastly, try to keep 10-12% of the budget for unexpected requirements. You never know what you might need to change at the last minute. 


Will renovating my kitchen affect the resale value of my house? 

Yes, it will and it does. 80% of homeowners have placed the kitchen as one of the top priorities of a house before selling it, and remodeling and renovating the kitchen has helped to increase the resale value to a good proportion. 

Try painting your old cabinets and appliances to give them a good and new look. 

Try fixing the backsplash of your kitchen with a new tile, which can easily improve the look of the kitchen. 

Nouvelle Cuisine rénovation provides you with highly professional kitchen designers for all your kitchen renovation needs. 

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