Having a huge kitchen where you can realize your culinary daydreams is the goal for a lot of people. The kitchen, after all, is one of the most important parts of the house because it’s a room used more than once throughout the day and it’s where food is made.

However, not everyone has the luxury of space to have a massive kitchen fit for a talented home cook. Even though compact kitchens are perfect for city living, they aren’t always practical when it comes to cooking. With all the appliances you need to have in your kitchen at home, where do you store them? How will you cook if every available surface is taken up by things?

In the past, kitchen designers had to make choices that wouldn’t work for everyone. In order to save space, they left off appliances that people wanted or needed. Now we have built-in technology and modern design features that help create a multifunctional kitchen so you can fulfill your dreams of having a home where everything is within reach and easy to use no matter what you need.

No longer do you have to find space for what could be integral parts of your home because there are great ways to store those items in any size kitchen. Here are just a few ideas on how to build appliances into your kitchen without losing functionality or style:

For Appliances That Heat Things Up

With this kind of appliance, it’s important not only to have them where you can use them conveniently but also to make sure they are safe for your children. It’s always the best practice to keep the appliances out of their reach, so they cannot play with them and accidentally hurt themselves.

In addition, with this particular type of appliance, it’s recommended to find a spot near an outlet so you don’t need any extension cords or plug strips. You also want to avoid putting it behind things like counters because heat will build up during cooking and could damage some surfaces. So put these appliances against an inner wall where airflow is still possible (and not blocked by exterior walls). Otherwise, it may destroy the walls, cabinets, and other kitchen design elements. The lack of airflow might also push the appliance to work harder, ending up broken or damaged after use. You may find yourself needing an over repair service, for example, during a celebration. That’s not something you want to deal with at all, let alone on an important day.

For Appliances That Refresh Your Food and Drinks

Another category of appliance that needs an outlet nearby, just like those that heat things up, is the kind that makes life easier and more enjoyable. This is where your coffee maker and your blender live; these are not heavy-duty appliances but rather simple machines that make life a little sweeter and simpler to run.

These items can be put almost anywhere in the kitchen because they’re small enough to fit into places like on top of cabinets or near countertops (if you use them for things like smoothies). Just don’t forget to clean anything that has been spilled around it then wipe it down with cleaning supplies! If there’s anything stuck in there, it could end up overheating which would damage the appliance even further after overheating. Even though these appliances are small, safety must still come first.

For Appliances That Will Make Life Quicker

Appliances like microwaves and dishwashers are a great help around the house. These appliances aren’t as convenient as those that make your life easier, but they can save you some time on an everyday basis after using them.

In order to store these items, it’s best to find spaces near where people will be using them. If you end up putting things in a place where no one goes very often, it might not get used at all — which defeats the purpose of having it! This is why many modern kitchens have built-in dishwashers, for example, because it means more efficiency and a cleaner home. There’s usually a spot next to the sink to place a dishwasher which is where people will be putting dishes after they use them.


As you can see, there are many ways to create a multifunctional kitchen that will work for your unique needs. With these ideas on creating kitchens that make life easier, we hope you’ll find yourself dreaming up what kind of space would suit all your family’s needs best!


Meta title: How to Design a Multifunction Kitchen Layout
meta desc: With a multifunctional kitchen, you could have your fridge on one side and your oven on another, maximizing space and making it easier to find everything you need!

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