There’s no denying that contemporary homes and apartments are getting smaller, and many of us are settling for minimal interiors with basic furniture items. If you want to make the most of available space, a wise idea would be to use multipurpose furniture. Websites like Mobilart (based in Canada) have a wide range of options. If you are having a tough time making choices, here are some of the best picks. 

Sofa bed

When you have an unexpected visitor, or an extra bed for your friends on the weekend, this is exactly what you need. Sofa-cum-beds are extremely appealing and can double up as the perfect couch for the lazy afternoons. Throw in some cozy cushions, and your living room will look more inviting than ever before. 

Nesting tables

Another good multipurpose furniture product to consider is a set of nesting tables. While you may argue that a table is just that – a table, the good part is you can keep these tables compact when not in use. Nesting tables are great when you need smaller tables for serving or sparring use. 


Want a clutter-free living room? Consider buying ottomans or benches that can work as a seating space and also stock everything else that’s not in use. You can use ottomans even for kids’ rooms, where you want to keep the toys and clothes out of sight. Benches and ottomans can fit in existing interior space with ease, and you can find numerous designs, colors, and fabric upholstery to choose from. 

Antique & vintage suitcases

If you want more storage beyond the dressers, you can buy a set of vintage or antique suitcases that can stock everything and can be easily piled one upon the other. There are so many designs and themes in this category, and the idea works perfectly well for bedrooms and living rooms. 


Don’t have space for an executive desk? Go for a laptop desk, which can be used on your bed, couch, and practically everywhere else. You can use lap desks for your WFH needs, and when not in use, just fold it and place it under the bed. 

Now that you have figured out the top options in multipurpose furniture, check what in your home can be replaced for one of these options. Don’t forget to check online stores to find unique designs, décor items, and furniture pieces that are beyond the standard stores. 

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