One can’t always predict when the Roofing Mississauga might need replacement. Though it is always best to do all roofing-related work during summers, sometimes one might not have an option but solve the roofing problems during winters. Many people believe that it is impossible to work on a roof during cold temperatures, but this is not always true. Though carrying out roof-related work might be inconvenient during winters, but there are also some pros. We have listed the pros and cons of roof replacement in winter for you below.


  1. Ease Replacement: Roofing can be replaced swiftly, even during winters. The replacement is carried out to prevent the roof from deteriorating further while maintaining structural integrity. 
  2. Easier Adhesion: During winters, the heating system is switched on in the house. The heat from the systems helps to promote adhesion in roofing. 
  3. Better Availability: As during winters, roofing replacement is only done when there is a necessity. Most of the professionals are not very busy during this time. Hence, the professionals would be there immediately to carry out the work whenever needed. 
  4. Lesser Chances of Damage: When any repair work is carried out, there is always a chance of some damage. Undertaking roofing replacement during winters can bring down the risk of damage to the lawns and landscaping features due to the equipment used. 
  5. Help you be at ease: the Canadian winters are always harsh. When your roofing has been replaced only recently, you know it would be able to withstand the extreme weather conditions. As the replacement has been carried out during winters, it will help you to be prepared for the spring rains. 


  1. Higher chances of breakage: Due to the extreme weather, the asphalt shingles become more brittle. This increases the chances of breaking and chipping while they are being worked with.
  2. Interference with airflow: The cool weather of the winters can interfere with the airflow in the compressor. This interference impacts how the nails are driven into the roof.
  3. Bending Shingles: As the temperatures are high, bending the shingles too far can crack them. This can make it difficult to impossible to install and even replace the valleys.
  4. Easy Water Penetration: The strips of the roof might not adhere appropriately if they are self-sealing. This can cause the water to penetrate the house.
  5. Requires more effort: When roofing replacement is carried out during winters, there is a lot of extra work which needs to be done apart from replacing the roof. Snow and ice removal needs to be done at regular intervals.
  6. Safety Hazard: During winters going on the roof can be dangerous as they are slippery. The work progress is slow.

Contact the experts

Whether the replacement or repair needs to be carried out during winters is dependent on the possible damages which can arise due to postponement. The experts will help you to make an informed decision regarding the same. 


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