For as long as there have been humans, we have been building sanctuaries. Also, the earliest structures had to include some sort of roofing in order to shield their occupants from sunlight, rainfall, as well as snow. In a way, we have been seeing improvements in roof materials from as back as some of our oldest examples, nearly 13,000 years ago.

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For a change of speed this week, we thought that we would give some insight into some unknown roof history, the intriguing, the odd, and the valuable.

  • Several of the oldest recognized roof covering materials are clay ceramic tiles, amongst the most preferred materials still being used in the Venice area today. These types of ceramic tiles have been dated back as far as 10,000 B.C. Other products which were typically utilized between 7,000 to 8,000 years earlier are rock and thatch.
  • Thatched roofing was an effective roof material in several civilizations because the reed they used to build the roofing was normally water-resistant. Contractors bundled the reed extremely securely, and its waterproof nature allowed it to conveniently drop water, consisting of snow, rainfall, as well as sleet. Thatched roofs could maintain the inhabitants as well as the interior completely dry.
  • To this particular day, natural structure products hold emotional appeal. In numerous parts of the nation, timber, as well as cedar shakes, are still taken into consideration as the most classic as well as excellent roof covering product. Nonetheless, numerous insurance provider is hesitant to supply insurance for a home with timber shingles due to raised fire danger. Some insurance coverage providers will cover a home with a wood roof; however, will bill extra for the monthly premium.
  • Even with such a long roofing background, many sorts of roofing, amongst the most preferred roofing material by far are asphalt roof shingles. Considered that this material has just been around for about 100 years, this might seem unexpected. However, customers like the relative simplicity, as well as affordability of this product against other sorts of roof covering.
  • Even though asphalt tiles are more preferred, eco-friendly roof products are longer lasting. Although contemporary tiles will last for approximately three decades, most other materials, particularly natural materials, are longer lasting.

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