A reliable roof protects you and your family from rain and show, as wells as helps you stay warm at night, and protects you from the outside world. This is the reason you need to pay attention to your roof and inspect it regularly for any signs of failure. A lot of variables can impact your roofing’s performance and durability. And if you recognizing the signs below and take action immediately, you can avoid more expensive repairs down the road:

Leaking Roof

Leaks in the roof are the most obvious signs your roof may need repair or replacement. Check for these leaks regularly, especially right after a rainfall. Pay attention to any signs of water intrusion because serious leaks may start from here. Also, make sure to check the roof for ice dams, which form when the snow on the roof melts, runs down to the eaves, and freezes up again. When water runs down the roof and encounters the ice dam, it may run under the shingles and possibly makes its way into your house. 

Mold and Mildew Growth

If your roof leaks, it can lead to the growth of mold and mildew on the walls or ceiling. Such growth may also result from condensation problems or a plumbing issue. Before you call for a Wilmington MA Roofing Service, ensure the insulation is dry, your home has adequate ventilation and there are no leaks in your bathroom fixtures and plumbing lines.

Other growths that may occur on your roof include algae and moss. Algae will eat away at your shingles and cause your roof to rot. Moss can bring moisture with it that can set into the wood of shingles and shakes, causing rot. 

Roof Cracks

Wind damage can crack your shingles. If only a few shingles have cracks, you may want to replace them. But, if the cracks are dispersed randomly all over your roof, you may need to consider a complete roof replacement. Also, go up to the attic to check for cracks on the roof itself. 

Rotting Roof

When your roof rots, it can result in serious structural problems in your home. Wood will rot when exposed to moisture for an extended period, letting fungus grow. Such growth can deteriorate a structure. You will know your roof is rotting when there are gaps in the shingles or tears in the flashing. Also, roof rot can be identified because of water damage in the ceiling and the growth of mold in the attic. 


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