You are on vacation, and the last thing you want to happen while you are so richly on the beach is for your neighbor to call you and tell you that you have had a water leak and that you must urgently go home.

We wanted to write this article to save you the trouble and to help you prevent possible water leaks that can occur in your home.

How To Avoid Water Leaks At Home

It is not very difficult to realize the possible water leaks that can take place in your house if you know how to do it. Below we detail the different steps to follow to avoid future headaches.

Make sure the drains in your house are not clogged. Although it seems obvious, it is not difficult to leave home without having reviewed it. You can use filters so that the water drainage channels are free in the event of a leak. Households with animals are usually more prone to this problem due to the considerable accumulation of hair, so it is interesting to take note, clean thoroughly, and frequently check that everything is correct.

Leaking your faucet or the toilet tank leaking too quickly is a bad sign. Your house is warning you of a possible water leak that it is better to solve it as soon as possible if you want to avoid future headaches and more expensive repairs.

Avoid, by all means, using the toilet as a trash can. It might sound a bit ridiculous, but we throw trash down the bathroom more times than we’d like to admit. If we want to avoid possible obstruction and complications, the ideal would be to avoid throwing anything that is not biodegradable down the bathroom.

The use of abrasive substances to clean can cause wear on the pipes. That is why we strongly recommend that you do not use these types of cleaners in your kitchen and bathroom.

Use a leak detector while you are away from home. To catch any problems ahead of time and to notify you when a repair is needed. It is a long-term investment that can save you a real headache in the future.

And finally, close the stopcock to your house if you leave for several days. It is the only guarantee that neither your neighbor will bother you during your vacation nor that you will scream in the sky when you return.


As you can see, it is not very difficult to prevent water leaks from taking over your house during your absence. Now that we are about to enjoy put these tips into practice to avoid possible scares.

With this article, we hope that it has become more apparent to you how to avoid water leaks at home. If your home is sending you signals that there may be an imminent water leak, we advise you to call a water restoration company as soon as possible.

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