You have read in different articles that a ceiling fan in a room saves money and energy. The wind chill effect makes the room more relaxed and helps raise the temperature on their air conditioner by 4-5 degrees without changing their comfort zone.

 There are several features to understand before planning to buy fans online that are  appropriate for your beautiful décor.

Some terms related to a ceiling fan to understand better.

Blades: The blades are the part of the fan which helps to circulate the air to create a cool breeze. Always make sure the edges of the fan are not defective before buying.

Amperage:  Electricity that runs the fan measured in AMPs.

CFM: Cubic feet per minute is the term which means the total volume of air flows through the area when the fan is at top speed.

Different fans with different purpose

Some fans are made for a specific purpose and are limited to that area or use only. Most fans nowadays have two settings to survive year-round using the remote control.

In summers, the fans pull the air up, rotating its blade in an anti-clockwise direction, making the air cooler. In winter, the blades rotate in a clockwise direction to circulates warm air to keep the temperature in check.

Some fans are approved for a wet environment as they are built with more durable casing to prevent rusting, giving them a top-notch finish. Fanscity fans are made with such materials to be less exposed to the sun, and the wiring is much better than other fans. Some ceiling fans are approved for damp areas to tolerate humid weather, like in the kitchen or laundry room.

Size to consider

For an aesthetic reason, size should also be one of the vital to consider when you are planning to buy a fan. For instance, you should think about putting an appropriate size for your bedroom. If you choose a big bulk fan, it won’t offer any extra cool air for your room; instead, it will pinch your pocket more.


 We talk about fans as not a significant investment as an air conditioner, so you don’t want to waste your money. But let me tell you, fans are worthy of spending more money with high CFM and a motor with high performance. An engine with a better performance rate can help to improve the CFM and reduce the noise level.

Styles which help you to improvise your decor 

Some styles include a rusty finish that charms your space and even some outdoor area. They are inspired by the old days and weathered blades. Some fan provides the industrial finish for your specific purpose decor. Smart fans are another type that helps you to control the temperature with your voice recognition. Even contains light modes with the remotes, they can be perfect for contemporary decor.


This point is inevitable; fans with an energy-saving star are approved by a trusted establishment and tested. They are about 20 -30 percent more efficient than others with no energy-saving star. The fans with the light feature are even more efficient than other fans with fan and light combinations. An average ordinary fan uses 28- 30 watts of electricity which is efficient as well.

Closing thought

Did you like this article, and it helped you to make your decision much easier? Do tell us! Take a look at the website of fanscity, where you can find your perfect fan for your home.


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